Poetry Victim's of abuse

Repercussion’s of Childhood Rape
On its Victims

There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide

From the devastation left inside

Where shame and self-hatred all reside

Overwhelmed with powerful emotions from my own mind

What they did wasn’t as bad as what’s been left behind

Memories, triggers, physical and emotional scarring,feeling left completely alone and confined.

Now having to relive the nightmares over and over

Where is my peace? Where is my closure?

At times it’s hard to even want to be here

Wanting to just be numb to all the pain and fear

From those who greedily and violently took from me

The damage is so deep it seems impossible to break free

It’s destruction renders no peace or possibility for relief

Leaving it’s victim in complete and utter disbelief
May 8, 2022
Not sure if this is hypothetical or real, but if it is the latter I hope you find healing.

I have endured some myself, although it was only physical abuse.

I got healing by writing about it. Most of my novels end with adoption or foster care. To that end, being a foster parent has also helped as I know I have helped other kids who were abused. I am working now to foster kids from war torn Ukraine. It is only 2 out of 98,000 orphans, but it is a start.

Again, I’ll pray you find healing through the love of Jesus. He too knows what underserved abuse is.
Jun 8, 2018
Thank you all for your support of my writing. This is not hypothetical in anyway. It is very real and something I battle with daily. Writing is my outlet. I have written a book about what I went through. I could not include all the abuse that happened to me as it would be to overwhelming for the reader. Especially when I am trying to send a message of hope. If you are interested the title of the book is "Surviving Against All Odds" , One woman's testimony of survival. I recently added a conclusion and thirty poems that I wrote during that period of time to the book. My focus at this time is to try to educate people on the long lasting effects of abuse. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse including incest. It can be easy for other people who have not been through trauma to say let if go, give to God, leave the past in the past. The reality is that it does not work like that. Many victims are haunted with memories and deal with triggers and health issues do to their trauma. Its not something that just goes away or you can just get over. Society needs a wake up call on how to deal with trauma victims! Again thank you for your support

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