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Dec 9, 2021
Hi all;

Life last week was disastrous for my household. The Lord has come through in many ways from protecting our property from the floods that just hit WV and blessing our garden which is going gangbusters, but as of Tuesday, I lost my job at a local newspaper. That means all the wages I was making have vanished, leaving us less than 200 dollars a month for gas and groceries till I find something new. We won't lose the house, nor will the lights or internet go out. I was the secondary income making up the difference so we could do the things we were desiring/needing to get done for both my writer business, and just the functions of our household. But this is hard.

All is not lost, but it is creeping up towards nightmare fuel. Essentially, this termination is pushing me to make the jump I wanted to make early: into freelance graphic design. I had tried to do this back in 1999-2002 when my attempts ended up in a dismal failure. I'm not a salesman nor geared towards networking very well. I've got some coping mechanisms since then, but the tools weren't there to make it possible. Now at least I have and as well as short term contract jobs out there I can apply for which is a far better circumstance than what I had before. (God help me if I make a new LinkedIn account... ugh! Like a deal with the devil.)

For now, I'm putting my portfolio together and I now have access, temporarily to Adobe Creative Cloud thanks to a gift from a friend. So God is taking care of us this way. I figure by the end of August I should be able to start looking for work in this sphere. I'm also fighting against lots of "old tapes" of years of previous failure saying I can't do it. So I'm having a "Lobster" struggle (for those who recognize Jordan Peterson's analogy) on whether or not I can succeed even in small ways to supplement our household income and keep my sanity doing a job I enjoy doing and keeping me out of getting a job that is just soul crushing or the office environment which I'm clearly not able to navigate anymore. (I don't play two faced office games. That bothers those who do.)

I am working to keep my mind focused on the blessings that He has given, and the forward plans I definitely would appreciate prayers about regarding my life as an author and the creation of my new marketing/network direction, supporting it with merch and other related revenue trickles that ultimately, I hope will become the river of income that leads to sustainability.

Projects my wife and I are working on:
1. A series of handmade items for my Akiniwazisaga: Viking Games (cloth Morris and Tafl boards), toy/cosplay weapons (Viking swords, shields and harpoons... yes, harpoons), scented soaps, and hopefully stuffed animals (Bergamot, my hero's dog is a cutie)
2. A music album for my "Tales from the Dream Nebula" Series due out next Feb if all things go well.
3. Convention booth materials (put on hold due to budget crunch, or till we figure out how to homemade or budget it) including brochures, stickers, bags, banners, decorative table wraps.
4. A new sports book with the rules on how to play "Knattleikr". This is an actual ancient sport played by Scandinavian people that is being revived on some college campuses. I've adapted it for Akiniwazisaga and feature it in the books. Mine variation is a bit more sport and organized than what's currently out there. Not as much a ritual combat as you see in the movie "The Norseman".
5. All the graphic resources for my own business brand which will have to get set up before we start selling at cons.
6. The "Tales from the Dream Nebula" TTRPG.
7. Investigating how to do a crowdfund to make TFDN into a graphic novel series as well.

So anyway, I'm praying for His blessing on all these projects, on top of finishing the edits to my 3 novellas coming out in Feb, and ideally also in June and October. It's only going to be an E-book to start and hopefully I can afford to go to print as a mass market paperback, and maybe a hardcover "omnibus" for the first three novels. We shall see what I can do with Ingram Spark. Plus several of the craft show/con items need to start being ready by October this year.

Anyway, like I said. Prayers are deeply appreciated.
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Feb 21, 2007
Wow! You have certainly thought it through and made some good plans. Praying in agreement with all that is on your heart for a job and all your efforts for writing, for the Lord's will and His timing. May He also bless you as you seek His guidance and will. ❤️🙏

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