Poetry In My Calmness

In my calmness Lord,
I imagine Your face.
I feel You close to my heart,
as You fill my empty spaces.
You enable me to find joy,
even in the smallest of things.
You bring me peace,
when all others fail.
You are the Lord of all,
Your Spirit inside me,
makes my heart full.
My mouth cannot stop,
singing praises of You.

Marc Fournier ( i28-359 )
Feb 21, 2021
Thank you, my friend! Your comments are always so encouraging! I feel the need to reach more people out there with these. Are non-members allowed to read these on this site? I would love to be able to strike a nerve in the hearts of the lost, that have not opened their hearts to Christ yet. To reach a wider audience with words on paper and screen. Maybe I will have to look into self-publishing, but I am truly concerned about the cost of such a venture. Marc
May 31, 2019
That poem is beautiful. It reads like a psalm, a psalm of Marc. I love the psalms of David because, as in yours here, I can read along in the first person and be worshiping the Lord in the moment. Thank you for posting.

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