General Discussion Happy 4th of July!

Mar 6, 2017
Happy Independence Day! Today is a great day to read the Declaration of Independence--it's not very long. If you can get your hands on one, read the unabridged version! :)
Here it is. On line:


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Feb 21, 2007
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Our cat runs to the basement and hides in our storage room. 😖

We had a German Shepherd years ago that was terribly frightened of fireworks and thunder. Sometimes I could soothe her but that wasn't often. She would shake like crazy and try to hide in places a big dog can't get to. I guess she thought she was small because she'd try to hide behind the chest the TV sits on, only a couple of inches. One time, she hid behind the clothes dryer, again a few inches, and couldn't get out! How she got in, I'll never know! :rolleyes:

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