Christian Writing Dear teen girl

Jun 7, 2022
You see this thing call SOCIAL MEDIA or let's say FACEBOOK, it's kinda complicated and you know it, it's a MEDIA for one's social being and not a media for putting up useless and things that doesn't make any sense

So you snapped a very beautiful picture of yourself and you're putting something REVEALING and you put it up here, few days later, one guy add you up and you accepted, then he comes into your DM with the HELLO BABE, SWEETHEART, etc, and you're angry, but why....

(Ok wait fest, Wisdom, respect yasef)


Whatever you put up here should be capable of helping someone out there succeed, it should have the efficiency and efficacy of metamorphosing ones life for better....

Your life on this space shouldn't be different from that out of this space. We re fond of making enemies with people we've never met on this world....

A lot of us have good contents but the picture that follows what we put up here is really nothing to show for...

Dressing decent doesn't make you outdated, oh it makes you more beautiful and smart, you look more mature, check out those great woman you hear about today, you won't see them dressing indecently


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