Poetry Compassionate Love and Chastening

Our scriptures,
are so wonderfully
life-changing and saving,
as a compass,
to guide our pathways.
They illustrate images and examples,
of God's grace and mercy.
I am so grateful for This!
Nobody that has ever walked this earth,
will escape destruction,
without putting their trust in Jesus Christ.
Compassion, mercy, and love,
He dispenses freely on us.
He is the epitome of love,
the pinnacle of what goodness is.
At the very same time,
in His essence,
is His perfection,
if God is perfect,
which He is,
and despises sin,
He will correct and chasten.
The sculpting and chipping away He performs on us,
is so necessary,
to refine us for His kingdom.
The same God that died for our sins,
is the same God we will give an account to,
when these earthly travels cease.
Loving Savior and righteous Judge,
are who He is,
equally at the same time,
for He is God.
I am yet just another believer,
who has put all my faith in Him.
We read and absorb the scriptures as a whole,
not just focusing,
on the heart-warming compassionate portions,
but equally the correcting and chastening ones as well,
these God has put in there,
through His act of perfect love.

Marc Fournier ( C14-376 )

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