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May 31, 2019
What are legalities about using an author name? Is it possible to remain unknown or is it a pretty easy thing for someone to discover the real name of the writer? Do i have to have a web page for the author name or the book name? If a web page is essential, when does it have to happen? My questions go on and on. Whichever one/s you can speak to, I'd appreciate hearing from you!


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Feb 21, 2007
If you're only going to write one book, then do a web page/site for it. Otherwise, you need a website for your author name. Most writers/experts say to do your site before your book is published. Occasionally, some say after. But why wait? Here's a point made on one site:

"If you're not online, you don't exist, not to readers, publishers and agents, nor Google...Building and launching your author website early gives you time to build an online following—yes, it’s possible to build one even if your book isn’t on the shelves yet. Through your website, you can leverage and centralise marketing tools like social media, email lists, and blogging. You can get people invested in your writing and your book, and give them a hub to come back to, where your previously scattered online presence can now be found in one place." (Quote from this site, which has other articles of interest about developing your site and being found on Google. Domain name essential)

How can you build an audience (platform) if you wait until after the book comes out? You have to connect with others who will want to read what you write. Make yourself known.

And this is interesting. I did not know you needed to copyright your pen name. This site says: Of course, you must register the copyright of your work under your pseudonym. And don’t forget your ISBN! You may opt to add your real name in the copyright records but bear in mind that your soon-to-be fans may find out your true identity in the public copyrights file which will be published online." You might want to read the rest of the article. And do a little research about copyrighting a name.
Apr 5, 2019
Is it possible to remain unknown or is it a pretty easy thing for someone to discover the real name of the writer?
If you get a Copyright, you have to file using your legal name. And it is relatively easy to find out who you are once that happens.

I've done a video on this subject that will appear in a week or two on my Herman P. Hunter LORE FORGE channel on YouTube.
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