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  1. Walter Kahler

    General Discussion  Prayer request for mom

    Hello everyone, and I hope all is well. I ask for your prayers for my 93-year-old mom in the hospital. They have yet to discover her problem with the colon. Her name is Lois. Thanks
  2. Walter Kahler

    Blog  What is the Church?

    It’s significant to understand and establish what the church is. I can’t afford to miss this critical truth because my eternal destination (heaven or hell) depends on knowing this answer. Christ is the head of the Church (Colossians 1:15-23), and His Gospel defines how local churches are to...
  3. Walter Kahler

    Blog  God's Eternal Plan

    Many people reject God’s eternal plan. Their disbelief keeps them from knowing His love, mercy, and forgiveness. They refuse to accept Him as the sole creator of humanity and the universe. And when it comes to sin, their blindness to the truth of transgressions enslaves them to devastating...
  4. Walter Kahler

    Blog  A Gentle Heart

    Over the past several weeks, our journey through the fruit of the Spirit has brought us to the virtue of gentleness. Paul started his message with love, and now he shows us the significance of a gentle heart. Here's something we can agree on. The practice of gentleness is a comforting and...
  5. Walter Kahler

    Blog  The Joy of Goodness

    Goodness is the sixth principle in Apostle Paul’s fruit of the Spirit. Joy is the reward for doing good. One of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve found in God’s kingdom is righteousness. When I obey the Lord, goodness surfaces, and I discover an incredible jubilance. God fills my heart with...
  6. Walter Kahler

    Blog  The Act of Confession

    Confession pleases God. Yes, when we admit to Him our sins, He takes notice. Inside God’s gift of salvation, the light of Christ shines inside our hearts, and the action of confession emerges. One of the earliest realizations of redemption is knowing God’s unfavorable stance on unconfessed sin...
  7. Walter Kahler

    Blog  The Beauty of Kindness

    Our journey through Paul’s fruit of the Spirit continues. We see how love, joy, peace, and patience are characteristics of salvation. Today, we add kindness to our faith. Kindness comforts the soul. Graciousness brings warmth to our hearts and leaves us with a feeling of love. God packed this...
  8. Walter Kahler

    Blog  The Painful Truth

    It’s difficult accepting the painful truth of sin. No, I want to overlook this ugly side of reality. But I can’t escape sin, and it is devastating consequences. In fact, without acknowledging my transgressions, my relationship with Christ stays elusive. And the truth about sin remains hidden...
  9. Walter Kahler

    Blog  Pursuing God's Sovereign Grace

    We can agree that God’s grace is sovereign and worth pursuing. Nothing the world offers matches the Lord’s holiness. When God shed His grace on our hearts, it unlatched the door to His kingdom. And the moment we entered, our Father placed our spirit inside Christ. When Jesus preached His...
  10. Walter Kahler

    Blog  Supernatural Peace

    Christ’s Peace One of the most remarkable characteristics of the fruits of the Spirit is receiving God’s peace. This peace brings an inward calmness, unlike the world’s peace. It’s in Christ we find this profound serenity. Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Romans shows us God’s peace comes through...
  11. Walter Kahler

    Blog  Eternal Joy

    Welcome back to the Fruit of the Spirit series. Last week, we unmasked the three characteristics of love. Today, we look at eternal joy. Embracing God’s Joy The exciting part of embracing God’s joy comes from our love for Him. We know this truth because Christ disclosed this to His Disciples...
  12. Walter Kahler

    Blog  Three Characteristics of Love

    God designed love with three characteristics. The first disposition of love is Himself. Next, the love between husband and wife shows intimacy and the ability to partner with God to create new life. The third type of love is between neighbors. Love is referenced over three hundred times...
  13. Walter Kahler

    Blog  2 Keys to a Powerful Devotion

    Devotion is an action that gets God’s attention. Nothing pleases Christ more than to give God reverence. And the two keys that capture a powerful devotion are prayer and selfless service. When God embraces us with His grace, we become united with Christ. As a result, the Holy Spirit emerges...
  14. Walter Kahler

    General Discussion  What's your favorite Parable?

    Christ left us with many excellent parables to help us understand how to live in God's will. One of the ones that I love is the Prodigal Son. It shows me how loving God is to those who repent and live in Christ.
  15. Walter Kahler

    Blog  Our Holy Purpose

    What is our holy purpose? Obedience? An active faith? Spreading Christ's Gospel? Those are a few of God's commandments, and without them, I stop growing in Christ's image. But they are secondary to the Lord's most precious want. Glorification. Our primary purpose is to glorify God...
  16. Walter Kahler

    Blog  The Essence of Self-Control

    After Adam and Eve’s fall from God’s grace (Genesis 3), the Lord implemented self-control. Impulsive thoughts and actions are the results of sin. Temptations are Satan’s way of enticing me to sin and cause problems with my relationship with Christ. Without self-discipline, my disobedience toward...
  17. Walter Kahler

    Blog  God's Second Chances

    The Prodigal Son parable shows God’s eagerness to give second chances (Luke 15:11-32). Jesus discloses God’s willingness to welcome back His lost people. This short moral story shows us a loving father who doesn’t disown his youngest son but waits for his return to rejoice in their reunion...
  18. Walter Kahler

    Blog  Evolution's Problem

    The problem with the theory of evolution is it can't explain why human beings have a soul with a conscience. It focuses on natural selection, highlighting species' ability to adapt environmentally, allowing more robust organisms to reproduce—this outlook on the origins of humanity discounts...
  19. Walter Kahler

    General Discussion  Happy Mother's Day

    To all you mothers, I wish you a happy mother's day. My mom is celebrating her 72nd mother's day. God bless each of you.
  20. Walter Kahler

    Blog  An Active Member of God's Kingdom

    Our best example of an active member of God’s kingdom comes from Christ. When Jesus walked on earth, those who came in contact with Him saw a man who showed love, forgiveness, and faith. They bore witness to God’s living word through His actions. Hearing God’s call for the first time is...