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    Christian Writing Author names

    Couldn't exactly "like" that but i'm you're correct
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    Christian Writing  Author names

    What are legalities about using an author name? Is it possible to remain unknown or is it a pretty easy thing for someone to discover the real name of the writer? Do i have to have a web page for the author name or the book name? If a web page is essential, when does it have to happen? My...
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    Devotional Kindness Matters

    Thank you, Tom. I appreciate your relating it to the verse in James. I think in his epistle he also said, "For we all stumble in many ways." I find that very encouraging personally, but you are absolutely right- it is about being kind to others!
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    Blog Feast of Saint James the Greater

    Thank you for sharing that interesting piece @Greatshield17
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    The Future of CW - Important Announcement!

    Amazing! Congratulations!
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    General Discussion A Great Answer to Prayer

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    Meets & Greets New member

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    Poetry Tears For America

    Resp to Booker Brother Gregory, God bless you. You seem tender hearted and familiar with contrition, both of which models are needed in the world and in the church. I agree, tears for America are legit. I am uncertain if you expected posts in response. I am not sure that public posted...
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    Happy Birthday Happy birthday to me!

    Oh Lynn! Happy happy birthday!!! How wonderful! I hope you're feeling better now🙏🏼
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    General Discussion Today is: Be a Kid Again Day!

    I couldn't resist 😂 Thanks for posting the opportunity:)
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    General Discussion Today is: Be a Kid Again Day!

    I'm back at the creek bottom deep in the woods lookin for pretty stones and catchin water creatures with a couple old jars and big blue coffee cans that i toted all the way from the house in a feed bag. Blackjack sits complainin from the top of the bank. I can see with eyes in the back of my...
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    Poetry In My Calmness

    That poem is beautiful. It reads like a psalm, a psalm of Marc. I love the psalms of David because, as in yours here, I can read along in the first person and be worshiping the Lord in the moment. Thank you for posting.
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    General Discussion Happy Birthday, @zx1ninja!!

    Happy birthday! Have a blessed new year:)🙏🏼🙌🏼
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    Christian Writing What do you Think?

    Great discussion! I'm not a romance reader but am an American interested in knowing and trying to understand lives not similar to my own. I think the target audience is your guide. What is it that your story and your audience do have in common?What American situation is mirrored in the world of...
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    Christian Writing Dear teen girl

    I'm glad you're speaking, @Wisdom KF